Trump Wins Despite Fox News/Nikki Supporting Marco Rubio

It is indeed amazing that Donald Trump has won South Carolina despite the establishment Fox News and Nikki Haley supporting Marco Rubio. Almost all the Fox News commentors have been against him ever since the Megan Kelly incident and Trump’s boycotting of the Iowa debate.

It is indeed embarrassing for Fox News and Nikki Haley. What is most baffling is how she could support Marco Rubio who literally  has no credentials whatsoever besides the fact that he is a good debater. His only superficial knowledge is national security and that is because he sits on committees that discuss such issues. He continues to panders to what the Republican whites like to hear. How can anyone trust a person who bit the hand that feed him. Trump’s possible biggest mistake will be to consider Marco Rubio as his Vice President.

As we have seen and President Obama has acknowledged that he although a good debater, has failed to get Washington to work together and serve the people. If anything that it is clear that Marco Rubio will perform much worse than President Obama should he be able to clinch the presidency.

At this stage it will not be difficult to project that Donald Trump will be the eventual Republican nominee. It is time for Fox News and the establishment to rally behind their front runner and at least help identify a complementary Vice President to try to win Hillary Clinton.

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