Trump’s Movement

Americans have yet to realize the scale of the Trump’s Movement.

It is a movement unlike another other in recent history.

The media and Hillary’s campaign have chosen to ignore it but it is real and kicking. The polls  only provides a small subset of the scale of the movement.

To a certain extent the movement did not have anything thing to do with the person Trump. It was borne out of the disillusionment with the dysfunction at Washington and since than has taken on his persona.

Americans have rejected some of the best establishment candidates in recent history. America is overdue for a woman President and had any of the establishment candidates won the GOP nomination, Hillary would have won easily.

What the Media and Hillary fails to realize is that it does not matter what kind of the person Donald J. Trump is or what type of character they believe is suitable or not suitable for the White House. The Media still believes that it has an obligation to expect the President to be temperamentally likeable, debate savvy and politically correct. The academics and the Media have fed this notion to the American people for the last 60 years. So far all the pundits have been wrong and they will be in for another surprise in November 2016.

Even if Trump loses all the debates, the movement will still survive. The more the Media and academics ridicule Trump with scandals and controversies, the strong the movement is going to become. Trump could also chose to not have any more debates or speeches, he is still slated to win with a big margin.

Blacks and Hispanics strong bias towards the Democrats has not gone unnoticed and has further reinforced the movement. White woman are coming to terms with the reality that this election is going to be decided along racial lines. Unfortunately this notion has been created by Hillary when she branded Trump supports as Deplorables. The election is ultimately and unfortunately going to be determined along racial lines.

Most Whites in America are feeling that they are being increasingly marginalized and that country is serious heading in the wrong direction, especially with regards to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism. This alone is sufficient for White woman to back their Whites man who are close to 80 % for Trump. The more insults the Media hurls at Trump that more the White and going to vote for Trump.


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