U.S. Election 2016 Is being Manipulated by Mainstream Media, CNN and the Establishment

Hillary Clinton is so weak that almost the entire mainstream media(MSM) is conjuring news of Trump losing and Hillary winning bigly. It is so disgusting to watch CNN’s misinformation and attacks on the Trump campaign while covering up everything negative about Hillary Clinton. Jim Acosta and the rest of the CNN panel has no basis to claim that Trump has lost the election at his point of time, but continue to do so; as if repeating the lies many times will ultimately make it the truth.  They will interview only anti-Trump GOP members and make it look as if the entire GOP is against him.

Americans needs to seriously consider what is happening with the country and take a bold step to reject the hype being conjured by the mainstream media. Americans should be aware that when leaders of other countries are also weighing in to defeat Trump, they must have a compelling reasons to do so. America has been given the short end of the stick all these years with regards to the trade deals. That is the simple truth. The U.S. economy is the driving force that have in the past supported growth in China and the World. Unfortunately this has indeed been at the expense of the U.S.  economy and its people. If nothing else, Americans should vote for Trump for this reason alone. America has a debt of $19 Trillion which future generations will spend their life-time trying to pay back. America can no longer afford to solve all the problems in the World. The country needs to be rebuild itself from scratch but the establishment politicians are not in a position to do that. Simply review all of the rich congress members who have millions of dollars of assets and the newly elected members who are motivated by these very same get-rich scheme through special interests lobbying and you will know the truth.

Americans should also be aware that when literally everyone is so strongly against a candidate, it cannot simply be because they are disgusted by morality. No one is probably more immoral than Bill Clinton. If he is allowed to occupy the White House again, it will only go to show that America has lost its soul. The morality argument was only a political tool because Bill has actually abused a daughter and was impeached for lying.

It is because politicians, MSM, academics and special interest groups are not ready to change the way this country has been running for the past 40 years. There is so much of blatant and rampant corrupt practices at every level that nothing significant gets done for the people. It is indeed ironical that while India is trying to shed it corrupt image, America is on track to becoming a highly corrupt nation, largely run by the rich and special interest groups. If a sitting Secretary of State continues to earns much more than her basic government salary, it simply means that she was spending more time and effort outside of the government rather than for the American people.

In the last 4 months, the MSM have been literally conjured or created daily news to attack Donald Trump while largely leaving Hillary alone. Literally every story that has made the headlines, has been negative against Trump. The last straw was the Project Veritas revelations that clearly presented evidence that the Democrats have deliberately organized and incited violence at Trump rallies. Such a ground breaking discovery was only given cursory exposure by MSM while continuing  to recycle Trump’s scandals at every opportunity.

The American people by now should have a clear choice. Should they rather remain with the status quo that has brought nothing but a week economy or should they be bold take an unprecedented step to change course. There are so many things at stake with this election by the economy is the most important.


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