US Presidential Race – Jan 2016

The latest Hilary Clinton email scandal is indeed most serious and for the first time may give the Republican Party candidates  a shot at the Presidency. It reflects badly on a potential Commander-in-Chief, even though it may not have compromised any classified information. It is the insight that she could actually compromise government policies or regulations that has damaged her the reputation the most.

Based on  American history, my original assessment was that this would have the moment for a Lady President especially after a  Black President. The Republican Party should have found some really good women candidate but failed to do so. Carly Fiorina, while personally capable, unfortunately has had a bad patch at HP and was easily demolished by Donald Trump. The other women candidate identified as a possible Vice President, Nikki Haley, is also a poor alternative. What Americans are looking for is a very successful women who is able to stand her own and walk across the aisle to bring together bi-partisan support. Again not being able to acknowledge any positives of the President’s State of the Union, she has chosen to simply clinging on to the traditional GOP/Fox posture of nothing at all can come out from the Democratic Party or any any other party.

The Democratic Party’s only option right now is to firewall Hilary Clinton from any possible federal indictment or charges. The notion that they should now instead focus on Bernie Sanders as an alternative is simply not going to work as he could be easily defeated by the much stronger Republican candidates.

As for the Republican candidates, assuming that Hilary Clinton survives the email scandal, the only person that could seriously threaten her (moment for a women President) is ironically Donald Trump. Americans in general are fed up with a broken Washington and being taken advantage of in all global deals. Donald Trump, like Reagan, will help to bring about a fresh perspective to the politics-as-usual in Washington and also individually is most skilled to turn around the American economy and therefore strengthen the union. I think America is not yet ready to trust those who may have their ancestral roots in Cuba. Many may have thought Marco Rubio was a Mexican, and his brother-in-law will continue to haunt his Presidential bid against the Democrats. Ted Cruz, besides having ancestral links to Cuba, has an additional controversy of being born in Canada.


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