Jemele Hill calling Trump white supremacists is fireable

Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested that ESPN host Jemele Hill be fired for calling President Trump a “white supremacist.” Just listen to how Don Lemon and Van Jones you get a sense that Blacks can also be racists. Yes, you are reading it correctly that Blacks can also be racists. Van Jones said that if Glen Beck can do it, so can Jemele Hill. His warp rationale is two wrongs makes it right. Don Lemon on CNN suggested that the White House should just shrug off the question. Why should the president ignore the baseless but serious attack of being a white supremacist.

For now ESPN have decided to reprimand Jemele Hill but will not fire her. Another ESPN host Beadle doubles down and says Trump deserves no apology. It is clear that by taking such a position ESPN is basically telling all Trump supporters that it intends to stand by its employee. The consequence of such a decision could result in millions of dollars of lost revenue. The implications are going to be significant as more will have to lose their jobs. Jemele Hill will sooner or later realize that she is inflicting a disproportionate impact on the lives of many others. Of course she has her First Amendment right, but so do consumers have right to reject such baseless bigotry and irresponsible journalism.

The left would like to muddle the waters by suggesting that racism is equivalent to a ‘white supremacist’. Clearly it is not and Jemele Hill should do the honourable thing apologizing or stepping down rather then putting ESPN in a untenable predicament as they are also answerable to shareholders. America should have no place for bigots who call their own elected President a white supremacist.


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