Whow! Michelle Obama

New York Times praises Michelle Obama for her fiery speech that attacked Trump. Whow!

Now here is the truth that all women voters should carefully analyse for themselves. There is really not much to connect the dots.

Michelle Obama is actually close to and have embraced an actual sex abuser who did his act right there in the place she currently lives. What happen to her reflective genius when it comes to a sex abuser who lied, was caught and impeached. If you really want to take the high road you have to take that road for everyone and not whether he is a Democrat or Republican. Shouldn’t the surroundings of the White House remind her of the awful sins committed by Bill Clinton. Shouldn’t it remind her of the poor Monica Lewinsky that was taken advantage of because Bill Clinton abused his powerful position as President.

Trump at this point of time has not been convicted of any allegations, except for bragging and apologizing for it. Even if he is convicted, how much different will he be from the an actual sex abuser Bill Clinton who was found guilty.

Michelle Obama might say, that it is not Bill Clinton but Hillary Clinton that is running for President. Make no mistake, Bill Clinton will be occupying the White House again and will be there in every decision she will be making. It will be as good as rewarding him for the sex abuses.

So Michelle Obama, by disingenuously and selectively expressing your disgust at how women are being abused by some and not others, you have essentially lowered the prestige of the White House. You and your husband should simply stop vouching for a family that has a sex predator and keep the office of the President out of this partisan politics.

Disgusting and Shameful behavior. You have lost your right to be called a First Lady and a woman right activist.


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