Why America Needs Trump

America is on a decline because it has no backbone of its own. The rest of the world has taken America for a ride. Trump is probably most accurate on why America is on the decline.

The government is dysfunction.

The strategic policies are decades old and out of touch with reality

America needs to focus on its Economy – no one knows it better then Trump

A revolution is needed to redraw the constitution to meet the challenges of the Information Age.

The founding principles are spot-on but require better mechanisms for implementation

Trump has a good tendency to say it as it is. During better times it may be too much, but the current serious decline demands such type of leadership. He easily polarises relevant issues, may not have all the answers, but starts a fiery conversation, that will ultimately lead to some novel strategies or outcomes. The important point is that it bring people out of their comfort zones. There is a method in his madness.

Alas, neither the GOP nor the media will be able to sieve through the smoke and come to terms with his approach because it is destabilizing and charts undiscovered territories.

As a businessman he is sensible enough to ultimately make the right decision.

How do you overcome age old dependencies of Europe, Japan and South Korea that America can ill-afford? Start an uncomfortable conversation, that makes the other side seriously rethink their options. That is precisely what Trump is doing.

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