Why Trump will Win in November

In America this was really suppose to be the moment for a woman President. In U.S. history woman got their full rights only after slavery ended. It would have been a befitting moment in the country’s relatively young history to elect a woman President. Had it been any other woman, this would have been easily achieved. Unfortunately the woman nominee is Hillary Clinton and the last 8 years have seen lack lustre economic growth. The stakes are simply too high and the country’s economic situation is indeed very dire.

Make no mistake that the stakes are simply too high to take a chance on 4 years with Hillary Clinton simply to achieve a historical moment or 4 more years of a Democrat President. These are the reasons why Hillary will lose in November.

a. The main reason why Hillary Clinton will not succeed is because President Obama has failed to deliver on the economy. Americans have not seen the hope and change they expected from him. The middle class has been left on the way side with no hope of fulfilling their dreams for a better future. The Black community is on all accounts worst off and there seems to be no respite in sight. The notion that democrats do not know how to manage the economy is also coming to roost. After 8 years of of a Democrat President, Americans are seriously asking what can Hillary Clinton do differently to change the situation. Haven’t the electorate trusted the Democratic party for 8 years only to be disappointed again. Indeed, on the campaign trail Hillary Clinton is finding it to difficult to balance between embracing Obama’s achievement and promising the change American’s are expecting. She has whole heartedly embraced Obama policies to defeat Bernie Sanders and is now finding it difficult to address the shortcomings, and more importantly explaining how will she do things differently. For Americans to take a gamble on her, they will need to see her acknowledgement that Obama has failed the American people and concrete plans on the what she would do differently. Neither of this is going to happen soon.

b. The American Justice system is at a major crossroad. The next President will chart the ideological direction for many years to come. Whoever controls the White House will significantly impact on some of the core ideological differences between the two parties including the 2nd Amendment rights. It is therefore not surprising that for the first time, white males have come out in large numbers to  vote. In the past woman voters, have been the reliable and conscientious group. It will not be surprising that white males are going to seriously come out to vote. They sense a moment of crisis, and the message of Making America Great Again is strongly resonating with them.

c. The Clintons has a long standing trust and integrity issue ever since Bill Clinton’s Presidency. This has been made worse by Hillary’s email controversy and the $100 million the Clintons have earned in the last eight years. Americans do not need to have a great sense of imagination to rationalize how the Clintons could have amassed so much with so little to offer in terms of personal skills and in such a short period of time. Why would anyone suddenly start paying Bill Clinton $500,000 for single speech? How should we rationalize a Foundation that seeks donations meant to irradicate poverty and diseases would allow the Clintons to bag $100 million for themselves. Shouldn’t the money be channelled to the communities. Serious questions arises as to how much of the donations actually went to those whom it was meant for. You can watch the video called Clinton Cash and make your own judgement. Americans need to ask themselves even if Hillary manages to explain all these controversies, will she ever be able to function effective to manage the country every step of the way.

d. Americans are fed up with the status quo and gridlock in Washington. Obama promised to walk across the aisle and work on a bipartisan basis but failed to deliver. He simply ended up enjoying the lavishes of the Presidency, writing his own book and getting rich enough to owe a house built by slaves – how ironical. Lately he is spending more time playing golf and attacking Donald Trump rather then leading the country or national disasters at Louisiana. During his watch there have been more than 3500 deaths due to gun violence in his home city of Chicago and there is nothing he has done to reduce it. Hillary Clinton is probably the epitome of the Washington establishment the Americans have rejected during the primaries. Voting Hillary Clinton will guarantee that the gridlock will continue for another 4 years. Trump a complete outsider, even if he achieve nothing else, will be able to bring a refreshing perspective to questioning everything in Washington. His knowledge of how the lobbies have corrupted the government will help to expose many of these activities.

e. Americans should be most weary of the Clintons because it encourages a Dynastic system that continue to strength because of connections and nepotism. India has been through this process with the Gandhi Dynasty and this has left the country behind for many decades. America cannot afford to go down the road of a corrupt system of powerful families that make deals with big businesses. Surely out of 330 million people the country should be able to identify many more able-bodied professionals who can run the country. There is need to ensure check and balances to prevent too much power in any one family. The purpose of the separation of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative system and maximum period of 8 years of Presidency are all measures to prevent giving too much power to any one agency of family.

f. Hillary’s track record as Secretary of State is at best lack lustre and at worse grossly negligent. On her watch, a highest ranking US official and three others were killed in Benghazi, Egypt collapsed, parts of Iraq and Syria came under ISIS control and Libya has fallen into to the hands of extremists and ISIS. It has shown a series of bad judgements, including the calling for regime change in Syria that have created a refugee crisis that is literally crippling the whole Europe. While we were wondering whether the situation could have gotten any worse,  she initiates the Iran Nuclear deal that has effectively released billions of dollars to fund terrorism.  Her email controversy have put at risk some of the most sensitive classified information where she was declared by the FBI director as grossly negligent.

g. Hillary Clinton have demonstrated that she is willing to offer government favours for donations to campaign. It is widely publicized that she appointed a trader on a highly sensitive committee even though he had no relevant credentials. If this is not a corrupt practice than I really don’t know what is. On this issue along Americans should have been weary that she is willing to compromise national interest for personal gains. It will not be surprising that this is how they have operated the Clinton Foundation while she was the Secretary of State. I simply cannot understand what other evidence is required for people to realize that she is not qualified to be a President.




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