Wisconsin – Needs to Search its Soul

Wisconsin a predominately white state could either seriously derail Trump and support the so called ‘Establishment’ GOP objective or seal the deal for Donald Trump.

At stake is the future of America, but it is not easy to see through all the smoke right now.  The people of Wisconsin should not treat this moment lightly as it could come down as the ultimate unraveling of the United States of America as we know it today.

It is no secret that Trump supporters are predominantly white working class voters who have given up with the promises of all the corrupt Democrat and Republican politicians and would like to bring back the glory of the founding and early days of the Union.

Despite his rhetorics, Trump has started a revolution that has the potential of tearing down the walls of religious bigotry, corruption, political correctness, economic malaise and declining democracy.

Ted Cruz, is an extremists who wants to reverse what the founders carefully kept out of politics – religion. Ted Cruz is dangerous to the world and dangerous to a more secular America that has succeeded in the past. He is probably closer to the KKK on his world views than Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz is smart in debates and so was President Obama and look at what has he achieved in the past 8 years. These are not times for Harvard graduates with lofty speeches but times to dirty your hands and be street smart and bring back the past glory of America. Ronald Reagan was an actor but out-performed the best of American strategists. You do not need to know all political issues in details but need to have an eye on what matters most to Americans and an ability to make things happen with a business-minded tenacity.

A vote for Cruz or Kasich will be a vote for the status quo. The future of the country is on a balance and the voters of Wisconsin need to see through all the noise and trust their instincts on who will be more effective in changing the status quo.

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